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Mission Statement

My training programs go beyond a single sports mechanics and go on to incorporate a young athletes full potential. Explosive techniques aimed at making you faster on the field while increasing lateral movement and vertical performance. Power & resistance drills personally tailored to each athlete maximizing personal strength while building stronger cartilage, bones and muscle.
Take the first step at helping your children become a healthier person and an elite youth!!


  • 1on 1 strength & conditioning
  • Circuit Training
  • Team Training
  • Speed & Agility Workouts
  • Rope Drills
  • Water Resistance Training
  • Plyometric Madness
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Personalized Workout Programs


  • Free performance assessment (valued at $150)
  • 1 Free session for anyone you recommend and they sign up
  • 10% off first session

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Olympic Weightlifting

- Get ready to increase your strength level while becoming more explosive with greater mobility.  Olympic lifting improves sports performance and vertical/jumping ability.  We will make this possible by...

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Agility Training

-  Let’s have some fun using ladders, cones, and bands then see how your lateral movement is enhanced.  Acceleration, deceleration, and the ability to react to different to situations are just a few of the...

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Water Resistance Training

- Hope you are ready to cool down and get fired up!  You will be working at...

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- Ever use a parachute or sled, NO? Well see how you reach top speeds with...

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Plyometric Training

- We have effective ways of improving your speed, quickness and power.  Simply...

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Ropes Training

- Bring your “A” game, for hands down the most intense muscle...

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