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Our Services

  • 1on 1 strength & conditioning
  • Circuit Training
  • Team Training
  • Speed & Agility Workouts
  • Rope Drills
  • Water Resistance Training
  • Plyometric Madness
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Personalized Workout Programs

Some of our Workouts:

Plyometric Training

- We have effective ways of improving your speed, quickness and power. Simply by creating exercises where your muscles use maximum force in a short amount time. Ultimately, you will reach peak physical condition when you train using our plyo boxes, hurdles and med balls. Explosive will be your new nick name!

Water Resistance Training

- Hope you are ready to cool down and get fired up! You will be working at very high levels but without the physical shock to your joints, bones, or muscle. Not only will you get stronger by training at 12x the resistance of air, but you will also develop speed, endurance, and strength. Hope you can swim.

Parachute Training

- Ever use a parachute or sled, NO? Well see how you reach top speeds with progressive resistance! Are you ready to increase your acceleration by using mid stride release which will also makes you are more explosive runner. Then give us a call and get started.

Olympic Weightlifting

- Get ready to increase your strength level while becoming more explosive with greater mobility. Olympic lifting improves sports performance and vertical/jumping ability. We will make this possible by leveraging the clean & jerk and snatch, which require the use of all your muscles giving you a full body workout.

Agility Training

- Let’s have some fun using ladders, cones, and bands then see how your lateral movement is enhanced. Acceleration, deceleration, and the ability to react to different to situations are just a few of the improvements you will see. Developing the right balance of agility and motor skills is what we are experts in.